When can I start using my business name?

You've gone through the whole process. You've come up with a perfect name for your business, gotten an ABN, and put in an application for a business name registration. What now? It can be challenging to wait patiently when you've just started an exciting new step in your life. Can you start using your business name now?

The answer, technically, is yes. However, we recommend you don't start trading under the name just yet.

This blog will explore when we recommend you start using your business name and why you should wait for now.

Why Should I Wait To Use My Business Name if I've Registered It?

While you may have technically registered your business name now, there's still room for complications to arise if you start using it. If ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) believes a mistake has been made at any point in the process, they can intervene and force you to stop trading under that name until the issue is fixed.

Whether it was your error or ASIC's, a substantial amount of your time can be wasted. At NameCorp, we have the experience and know-how to ensure all the paperwork is completed without error, saving you time and letting you focus on your business earlier.

When Can I Start Using My Registered Business Name?

We recommend that you wait until you have your business name certificate to start trading under your new business name. Once that has happened, ASIC can not intervene with your trading if they believe an error may have been made.

If you've registered your business name directly with ASIC, you'll need to pick up your certificate of business name from their offices. However, if you've registered it with NameCorp, we can email you a pdf copy of the certificate of registration of business name the moment it's available.

What next?

Once you've got your business name into the business names Australia register, that's your moment to take a break before the hard work of getting your new business off the ground. Once you have your certificate of registration, you'll be safe to start trading.

Register your new business name with NameCorp. You’ll be able to start your business up sooner as we'll use our experience to ensure everything passes through smoothly and quickly.

Our team of NameCorp business experts have decades of experience working with ASIC and the Australian Government. This means if you’re an Australian business looking to get your business name registered, we can help you get it done quickly, smoothly, and with no messy paperwork required. Learn more about our services here.

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